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AFRICAN TRADITIONAL MARRIAGEMost African traditions require some necessary obligations that must be fulfilled even before getting wedded in the court, church or mosque.
Once a young man and  woman, who fund love in each other and have been in relationship for some time, decide to take their relationship to another level if they feel are compatible, the young man informs his parents about his intention first. He will be asked series of questions about his relationship with the young lady, if he feels that she is a good fit and if she will make a good wife to the man and the family at large; questions regarding her family will be asked also, such as where they come from and their family name. and then go ahead.

After they’ve heard family talk, he brings the wife to-be to visit his family, this is always a good avenue to ask her some questions as regards herself and background, even if they know about her relationship with their son and has been visiting before now, it was n…

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